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CB Certification Scheme Global Market Access for Safety Compliance Including North America Through MET Labs

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CB Certification Global Market Access

YES operates as part of the IECEE CB Scheme as a CB Test Laboratory (CBTL) for the safety testing of electrical and electronic components, equipment and products.

We can also provide a route to North America and Canada through MET Labs certification including Factory Audits.

Benefits of Using the CB Scheme

  • Recognised internationally in over 50 countries.
  • Can be used as part of a technical file to support a Declaration of Conformity for CE Marking.
  • Reduces the number of test samples required for testing.
  • Testing can be performed locally rather than abroad.
  • Requirements for many countries can be covered under one test programme to optimise market access.
  • Testing does not need to be repeated for each target country, saving both time and money.
  • Some countries have similar product requirements providing access to markets that may not have been considered before.
  • Can be used to provide a route to North American approvals and Canadian approvals including Factory Audits.

The IECEE CB Scheme - What is it?

A multilateral agreement and certification system that uses international harmonised standards and a mutual recognition agreement between Certification Bodies.

The CB scheme reduces the need for duplicate testing, saving both time and money since it is in operation in more than 50 countries. Under the CB scheme, a manufacturer can use a CB Test Report and CB Test Certificate to apply for National Certification in the member countries.

The CB Scheme also provides a means to access countries that do not participate in the CB Scheme, but who nevertheless recognise the CB Certificate as evidence of compliance.

How Does it Work?

Three Simple Steps

  1. The product is submitted to the CBTL for testing to the appropriate IEC Safety Standard. The assessment will include National Deviations to meet country specific requirements.
  2. Upon completion of the testing the compliant test report will be issued to the National Certification Body (NCB) who in turn issue the CB Test Certificate following a review of the submitted report.
  3. The product, along with the CB Test Report and CB Test Certificate can then be submitted to the countries of interest and if required be used to obtain the National Certification Mark of those countries.

Access to North America and Canada Through MET Labs 

Through the IECEE CB scheme certification we can provide access to Nationally Recognised Test Laboratory (NRTL) Certification by MET Labs in North America.

Upon completion of a CB Scheme application and issue of a CB Certificate YES is able to provide a cost effective and timely route to obtain the MET Labs mark.

The process requires submission of the CB report and certificate along with MET Labs application documents to facilitate the process without the need for the submission of an actual sample.

Upon completion of a successful application the product will be certified and able to carry the MET Labs mark providing access to the North American and Canadian market place.

For more information on the MET Mark and Factory Audits please click here.

CB Scheme
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CB Certification Global Market Access

CB Certification Global Market Access
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