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COMDEX Las Vegas 2003 Exhibition

We should like to invite all our US customers to visit our booth at COMDEX!

York EMC Services Ltd can be found at the ‘UK/US Technology Partners Pavilion’ (Booth 8652H). Come and shake hands with Ed Dawes, our Marketing Manager. Come and see our latest Comb generator emitters developed with sponsorship from INTEL. A selection of our EMC instruments will be on display:

[CGE 01]
The CGE01 is a broadband comb generator emitter with a useable output from 100MHz to beyond 12GHz.
The CNE VII is a broadband continuous spectrum radiated noise source with a useable output from 1.5 to beyond 7GHz. The CNE can be used as a source for carrying out checks in GTEM cells and anechoic chambers.
The University of York developed the CNE III as a research tool for the evaluation of screened room resonances. It has been used as a reference source for intersite comparison in a number of national and international studies including one by UKAS.
[CGE 02]
The CGE02 is a broadband comb generator emitter covering the frequency range 250MHz to 26 GHz. Two comb spacings are available, thus enabling two different frequency spectrums to be tested.
[HFG 01]
The harmonics and flicker generator has been designed for the purpose of verifying harmonic and flicker test equipment used for testing to IEC/EN 61000-3-2/3.

Trade enquiries to be our US representative are welcomed.

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