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Consultancy Services for Railway Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Management

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Railway Consultancy

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is a significant area of concern within the railway industry not just due to the complex electromagnetic environment, but also because failure to comply has far reaching safety and cost implications.

York EMC Services is an established market leader in the provision of EMC services to the railway industry. We understand and have experience of the EMC requirements of railway systems which must both co-exist and interact, including signalling, traction, infrastructure, power delivery, telecommunications and radio communications.

We offer a range of consultancy, testing and training services specifically designed for the railway industry and have a solid track record of both solving EMC problems and demonstrating EMC for major railway projects both in the UK and around the world.

Failures in compatibility between systems can introduce costly unreliability and downtime in services as well as leading to incidents that may compromise the safety of passengers and staff alike.

The railway industry strives to reduce the risk incidents occurring through a process of hazard identification and risk mitigation, of which EMC forms an essential part.

It is also a legal requirement is that the railway and its equipment do not interfere with the correct operation of external radio communications and broadcast services.

The EMC Directive (2014/30/EU) lays down the process for demonstrating this requirement, a process which York EMC Services has a wealth of experience in.

Along with the EMC Directive, the EN50121 series of standards are available specifically for the railway environment. This series is subdivided into parts, for a full explanation please click here.

In addition to EN50121, there may be other requirements that manufacturers need to consider which may be defined in Railway Group Standards, or London Underground for example.

How can we help?

York EMC Services can provide whole or part consultancy and testing services for the EMC process relating to fixed installations, train borne equipment, and whole vehicles, in addition to stations and lineside/depot equipment.

We are also able to investigate EMC issues both on site and from our office in York.

EMC Management Flow Chart

York EMC Services is extremely familiar with the EMC management process and can provide guidance, document creation, document checking or a combination of the three at all stages that can be seen in the flowchart below.

Railway EMC Management York EMC Services

Railway Consultancy


Assurance in the Railway Industry

Assurance in the Railway Industry
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Worldwide EMC Compliance Services
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Regulatory Compliance Solutions and Products
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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the ability of electronic apparatus to operate in its intended environment without suffering unacceptable degradation or causing unintentional degradation to other apparatus.