Electromagnetic Compatibility - Fundamentals of Design and Testing

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An understanding of EMC is essential for the reliable operation of electrical/electronics equipment and systems in, for example commercial, automotive, aerospace or defence markets. The knowledge and understanding from this course can be applied to the cost effective management of EMC, minimising additional costs and production delays in equipment. It is illegal to sell or operate electronic equipment or systems that are not compliant with the EMC Directive within the European Economic Area.

EMC: Fundamentals of Design & Testing is a highly recommended, unique five-day course that will provide you with the essential knowledge required to help manage EMC and achieve EMC compliance with specifications, standards or legal requirements. We have provided EMC CPD to industry for over 20 years and this is the course from our portfolio that we recommend for those with little or no EMC experience.

Our customers say:

"It gave me a good insight into EMC and gave me new ideas on topics I would like to get more info on."
"One of the best courses I've been on since completing my studies. Great balance of theory, practical and real-world case studies."

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Our courses are attended by personnel from SMEs, large industrial companies, multi-nationals, the Armed Forces and Government agencies around the world.

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