Introduction to EMC

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Electromagnetic Compatibility is about minimising and controlling electromagnetic interference. We live in a world of ever changing technologies and as a result an electromagnetic environment, which is increasingly complex. To ensure the reliable operation of electrical and electronic equipment a diverse range of roles within the electronics and electromechanical sectors, whether designing equipment, systems, PCBs, panels or software, need to have an understanding of EMC and how it impinges on their responsibilities.

Course Overview

This workshop provides overview of: ‘what is EMC?’; the EMC Directive and the EMC requirements for CE Marking; EMC standards; EMC testing and measurement; EMC design including practical tips and common mistakes; and EMC management – the commonsense approach to achieving EMC

Who should attend

This is an introductory workshop for those with little or no EMC experience

What is it about?

Primarily EMC is about ensuring equipment is ‘fit for purpose’, that equipment will not interfere with other equipment and will not interfere with broadcast radio and television and other licensed telecommunications services.

Many engineers find they need to address EMC to meet the requirement for the CE Marking of electrical/electronics apparatus.

This workshop is designed to give: an overall understanding of EMC, to stress the multi-disciplinary skills required to manage it and to strip away the ‘black art’ mythology!

What will I get out of it?

An introduction to the subject of EMC, providing a practical and pragmatic understanding.


Last Updated: 2014-Feb-11