Advanced EMC Measurements

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This course is primarily aimed at engineers who need to extend their understanding of the complex issues involved in making EMC Measurements.

Key subjects covered

  • Lectures:
    • Fundamentals of the measurement process
    • Effects of non-linearities
    • Measurement uncertainties
    • Electromagnetic energy propagation and coupling mechanisms
    • The man-made and natural electromagnetic noise environment
    • Anechoic chambers and absorbing materials
    • Screened rooms and mode-stirred chambers
    • Open-area test sites and TEM Cells
  • Practical work:
    • Radiated Emission measurements
    • Radiated Immunity measurements
    • Observation of the radio spectrum

Course scope

This in-depth course illustrates a wide range of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurements in a variety of test environments.

Who should attend

Engineers making or specifying EMC measurements. Design engineers and others wishing to understand the EMC measurement process.

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Last Updated: 2014-Feb-11