Electrical Safety Requirements Workshop

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Is your product electrically safe?

We all take it for granted that when we buy an electrical or electronic product it will be safe to use,however to protect us electrical safety has to be designed into a product, and the requirements have evolved over many years.

In Europe, all such products that use or generate voltages over 50V ac or 75V dc have to meet the provisions of the Low Voltage Directive, and carry the CE marking. This normally involves testing against standards that are intended to ensure the safety of the user during normal operation, and in the event of a single component failure or failure of insulation.

Course overview

This workshop will provide an overview of:

Who should attend

A one day course for Electrical Engineers or Technicians directly involved in design, Quality Assurance Engineers and engineers involved in product certification.

What is it about?

The focus of the workshop is to provide delegates with an understanding of the Low Voltage Directive, the Harmonised Standards that underpin it, the types of hazard that the standards address, and many of the design measures required to comply with the standards. This includes details of the main tests that will be applied, and how this affects product design.

What will I get out of it?

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