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Frequently Asked Questions about EMC
Managing EMC in the Railway Industry
Technical Application Notes
Evaluation of Anechoic Chambers For EMC Measurements Using A CNE (187 kB [PDF]) discusses the use of Comparison Noise Emitters in simple, yet revealing evaluations of the performance of anechoic chambers. The techniques are also applicable to GTEM cells and partially-lined screened rooms. Published Jan 2005.
Verifying Harmonics & Flicker Test Meters (58 kB [PDF]) discusses the use of the Harmonics & Flicker Generator in the verification of H&F test meters. Published Sep 2004.
Technical Papers
The Impact of the New EMC Directive 2004/108/EC for the Railway Industry - Published Feb 2008.
Measurement Good Practice Guide Nº.65 “The use of GTEM cells for EMC Measurements” - Published Jan 2004.
Healthcare Engineering and Electromagnetic Compatibility - Published Dec 2003.
The Comparison Noise Emitter and other reference radiators and their uses in EMC measurements
Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub and who do you think they be - the systems integrator, the panel builder, the sub-assembly manufacturer - knaves all three? - updated Published Feb 2008.
Design and testing of partially lined screened rooms
Research Reports
The results of our published research work for public bodies are freely available online.