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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety is an on-going concern for medical product design engineers.

Whether measuring small signals from the body in order to assess a condition or applying energy to the body to help a patient to recover from a condition, for the safe operation of electronic medical equipment it is critical that they:

  1. Do not to interfere with neighbouring equipment
  2. Are not adversely affected by their electromagnetic environment

York EMC has unique and proven knowledge in supporting customers in achieving compliance to the EMC standard EN 60601-1-2 and Electrical Safety standard IEC/EN 61010-2-101

Not only can we offer fully accredited testing across our three laboratories, we have also helped our customers to improve their products by implementing good EMC and electrical safety practices to their design.

As well as testing services, we also offer consultancy, test instrumentation and training courses on areas of EMC, EMF, electrical safety, Radio and related engineering topics.




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