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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) has significant safety and cost implications for the oil and gas industry.  Issues arising from the presence of unintentional radio frequency (RF) energy in the inherently hazardous working environment can pose a significant threat to both personnel and revenue.

Designers of new technologies intended to better explore the sea bed and to improve the extraction of oil from existing wells can face significant challenges ensuring EMC compliance. Equipment frequently needs to measure small signals delivered over long length of cables in a harsh electromagnetic environment.

At York EMC Services (YES), we understand these issues and have many years of EMC design and testing experience to assist the oil and gas industry achieve compliance, increase reliability and reduce business risk.


YES has extensive experience of testing and supporting our customers to demonstrate compliance with standards such as EN 60945 for marine navigation and radio communication equipment and systems; and EN 60533 for electrical and electronic installations in ships, amongst others.

In addition to laboratory testing, we also perform EM site surveys to assess the levels of ambient RF environment and on-site testing for large installed equipment such as those on-board ships and offshore platforms.


We offer a range of scheduled and bespoke or in-house training at various levels, from one day courses explaining manufacturers' obligations under the EMC and LV Directive through to our flagship 5 day Fundamentals of EMC training course.

Our one-day introductory course to EMC for the Oil & Gas industry covers:

  • What is EMC and why is it important?
  • The EMC Directive & implementing regulations
  • Technical documentation
  • The offshore and subsea environment
  • Offshore, marine EMC and related standards

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Oil and Gas
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Regulatory Compliance Services and Products
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Compliance Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Compliance Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry
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