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Celebrating 20 Years of York EMC Services providing Regulatory Assurance Services to Industry

Providing Regulatory Assurance Services to Industry since 1995

20 years ago this year, York EMC Services (YES) was established as a wholly owned subsidiary company of the University of York.  Its remit was to provide commercial EMC services to industry which was anticipating the EMC Directive coming into force for the first time.

EMC was already embedded within YES, from staff transferred from its predecessor, York Electronics Centre, and from within the Department of Electronics through its teaching and research activities for which YES was to provide a commercial outlet.  This lead to many successful collaborations, including the development of the Bilog antenna which can be found in many EMC laboratories worldwide. 

YES quickly established an excellent reputation for its technical expertise, its unrivalled customer support and its innovative approach to providing solutions. 

CEO Nick Wainwright, who has been with the organisation since 1990 said; “Our 20th anniversary provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved in that time as well as to look forward to the future.  In 1995 the world was a different place; the EMC Directive wasn’t yet in force, the notion of CE Marking was still in its infancy and YES operated a tiny laboratory on the University of York campus. 20 years’ on, the third edition of the EMC Directive is on its way, CE Marking is firmly established and YES operates from three UKAS accredited laboratories across the UK as well as delivering its training, consultancy and Test Instrumentation from its Head Office in York.  However, whilst much has changed, the core values of quality, value and service remain an essential part of our DNA and will continue to do so.” 

Today YES remains a University owned subsidiary providing access to a unique wealth of expertise and talent, enabling it to undertake a wide range of multidisciplinary projects.  It provides a unique set of customer solutions ranging from UKAS accredited testing and in-depth technical consultancy, to training and test instrumentation which can be found in EMC laboratories world-wide.  All YES’s products and services are designed to enable customers to meet their regulatory compliance obligations in a straightforward and cost-effective manner.

Whilst EMC remains an important part of YES’s service delivery, it now provides a wide range of complimentary services including low voltage electrical safety, wireless communications, telecoms and assessment of electromagnetic fields (EMF), to a customer base ranging from SMEs to Blue Chip companies and Government Agencies.

YES’s strong links with complementary organisations, both internally within the University and externally in industry allow sustainable partnerships to be nurtured and the core business to be extended.  Most recently YES has opened a new UKAS accredited state-of-the-art laboratory in Central Scotland and the launched of York Training Academy (YTA) which offers online compliance training courses internationally.

YES aims to be industry leading and industry changing by constantly delivering excellence.

OATS at the University of York

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