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Have Confidence you are Meeting your EMC Legislative Requirements

Compliance Health Check

Are you selling, importing or distributing electronic equipment in or into the EU?

Do you know if you are meeting the requirements of the EMC directive?  Are you confident that your Declaration of Conformity (DoC) or Technical Documentation that supports your CE mark is correct and up to date?

We are offering a Compliance Documentation Health Check service in which our experienced EMC Engineers will either visit your premises and perform a review of your EMC practices, or review, advise and make recommendations on existing EMC documentation that you currently produce. 

We can check that your documentation is appropriate, the standards are correct and up to date, that the wording of the DoC is applicable and accurate, and that your Technical Documentation includes all elements required by the legislation.

What Does a Full Compliance Health Check Contain?

1. Review of existing documentation for correct:

  • Wording
  • Content
  • Accuracy

2. Review of EMC practices including ensuring that any technical justifications are appropriate.

3. Standards Check:

  • Correct version
  • Correct application of correct version
  • Correct levels and limits to apply for your equipment

More Information

For more information, or to enquire about your Compliance Health Check, please contact the Consultancy Department at our York Office.

More information on the responsibilities as suppliers as the new EMC Directive 2014/30/EU comes into force is available via one of our online training Modules.

Watch this webpage for updates to this service.

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Compliance Health Check
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Compliance Health Check
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