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A Reference Noise Source with a Comb Output Characteristic Generating Emissions up to 26 GHz

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Comb Generator Emitter 02

The Comb Generator Emitter 02 (CGE02) is a compact, battery-powered, reference signal source that generates a broadband radiated and/or conducted output up to 26 GHz. When used as a verification reference source, the known output allows unknowns within systems or components to be measured or calculated. When used a reference source for shielding effectiveness, the compact size allows small enclosures to be evaluated.

The CGE02 can be supplied with a 50 Ω SMA output connector (CGE02C) for direct connection to conducted test systems, or to an external antenna in order to generate test fields for evaluating radiated emission test systems. Alternatively, to achieve the best repeatability and compactness for purely radiated applications, the CGE02 can be supplied with an integrated antenna (CGE02R).

The CGE02 harmonic steps can be switched between 250 MHz and 256 MHz as standard, allowing more frequency points to be measured than is possible with a fixed-frequency source.


Stable output •  Repeatable measurements
Conducted and Radiated options •  Evaluation of both conducted and radiated systems
250MHz to 26GHz output •  Applications across a broad frequency spectrum
  •  Applicable to harmonics of high frequency systems
Compact and Portable •  Comparisons between sites and environments
  •  Shielding effectiveness measurements even of small enclosures
Battery powered •  No power or interconnecting cables affecting measurements


  • Shielding effectiveness of small enclosures e.g. PCs, Servers, Wireless comms. equipment
  • Radiated measurement systems validation and verification
  • Reference source for:
    • Daily pre-test verification checks if required by the accreditation authorities e.g. for ISO17025
    • Long-term performance monitoring
    • Spectrum analyser / receiver pre-checks
  • Investigation of reverberation (mode stirred) chamber behaviour
  • Characterisation of filter performance
  • Cable loss measurements
  • Measuring amplifier gain and bandwidth
  • Inter-laboratory test programs
  • Proficiency test programs


Frequency Range •  250 MHz to 26 GHz direct connection into a 50 Ω system
  •  1 GHz to 26 GHz radiated using the integral a
Step Size •  250 MHz or 256 MHz switchable
Output connector •  50 Ω SMA socket (CGE02C only)
Temperature stability •  (15 °C to 35 °C): <1 dB
Time stability •  Typically <1 dB over a 12 month period
Dimensions •  76 mm diameter × 64 mm (74 mm inc. connector) - CGE02C with battery pack
  •  76 mm diameter × 18 mm (28 mm inc. connector) - CGE02C without battery pack
  •  76 mm diameter × 92 mm - CGE02R with battery pack
  •  76 mm diameter × 46 mm - CGE02R without battery pack
Weight •  Approx 550 g (including battery)
Power supply •  5 V 2 AHr battery pack. External input 5.00 V ± 0.25 V, 300 mA
Operating Time •  6.5 hours typical with fully charged battery pack
Indicators •  Active, Mode 1 frequency step size - green LED
  •  Active, Mode 2 frequency step size - red LED


Standard Kits: 250MHz & 256MHz switchable comb step size

Part Number


Parts included

CGE02KIT01 Standard CGE02C comb generator  CGE02C comb generator emitter with 
  emitter (conducted output) kit   SMA output connector
     CAL14 Standard conducted output power 
      measurement, 0 to 26 GHz
CGE02KIT02 Standard CGE02R comb generator  CGE02R comb generator emitter 
  emitter (radiated output) kit   with integral antenna
    CAL10 Standard radiated field 
      strength measurement, 1 to 26 GHz
CGE02KIT03 Enhanced CGE02C comb generator  CGE02C conducted reference 
  emitter (conducted and radiated output) kit   signal source
     MCN02 detachable monocone 
    •  CAL14 Standard conducted output 
          power measurement, 0 to 26 GHz

All kits are supplied with:

  • BP01 5 V 2 AHr rechargeable battery pack
  • BCH04 Universal input battery charger
  • Hard case
  • Manual


MCN02 • Detachable monocone antenna (1 to 26 GHz optimum used with CGE02)
BP01 • 5 V 2 A Hr detachable battery pack


Manufacturer's Calibrations

CAL14 Direct Output
  •  0 to 26 GHz direct power measurement using a spectrum analyzer
  •  Standard measurement for CGE02C kits
CAL10    Radiated Output
  •  1 to 26 GHz electric field strength at 3 m in FAR using a spectrum analyser
  •  Standard measurement for CGE02R kits
  •  Optional for CGE02C kits when supplied with MCN02 antenna

Typical Output Measurement Results



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