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Discontinued Products

The following equipment is no longer being manufactured. Please contact us for details regarding repairs, calibrations or other information regarding these products.

Reference Generators

CNE VII •  1 to 7 GHz radiating reference noise source
Legacy CNE III     1 GHz or 2 GHz versions of the CNE III, identified by the BCN
    output connector
CNE III 9 kHz to 3.5 GHz output


LSA02 •  LISN Adapter
EDC01 External cable power supply for ARA01
MON01 1 GHz+ monopole antenna for CNE III
MCN01 1 to 26 GHz (optimum) 75 mm diameter monocone antenna
    Superseded by MCN03
TLM03 200 MHz to 1 GHz, 100 mm long top-loaded monopole 
BPK01 Battery pack and charger for CNE VII

The following equipment is no longer supported by York EMC Services:

EASY1 •  Emissions measurement system
MST01 •  ARA01 mast

Manufacturer's Calibrations

CAL05 Antenna factors 30 MHz to 1 GHz on an OATS, 3 m or 10 m test distance for CNE V;
  replaced by CAL02 for CNE V
CAL11 No longer available


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Test Instrumentation Brochure

Test Instrumentation Brochure
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