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Verify your Harmonics and Flicker Test Equipment and Setup

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Harmonic Flicker Generator 01

The Harmonics & Flicker Generator (HFG01) has been designed for the purpose of verifying harmonic and flicker test equipment. It provides an easy and reliable way to externally check the performance of the measurement system to the EN/IEC 61000-3-2 harmonics and EN/IEC 61000-3-3 flicker standards; particularly important as these tests rely on software control and calculation, and for which there is no intuitive sense of the response.

The HFG01 provides a series of harmonic and flicker disturbances of a nominal but stable level. This allows the user to periodically verify their test equipment, helping maintain compliance with standards and laboratory quality procedures. lternatively, due to its stability, it may be used as a transfer standard from a known, calibrated test system.

The HFG01 is a standalone device and requires no additional equipment. It connects directly to the test equipment and simulates the equipment under test (EUT), generating known, repeatable levels of harmonic and flicker disturbance.


Stable load simulation •  Repeatable measurements for test system verification
Injects harmonics to EN61000-3-2 and  •  Evaluation of test systems specifically to EN standards
flicker to EN61000-3-3  
Harmonic test modes •  Steady-state harmonic-rich load current, representing a fixed load
  •  Harmonic-rich load currents fluctuating between two load conditions
Flicker test modes •  Fixed level of mains disturbance at 1 Hz rate
  •  Fixed level of mains disturbance at 8.33 Hz rate
Compact and Portable •  Comparisons between sites and environments


  • Harmonics and flicker measurement systems validation and verification
  • Reference source for:
    • Daily pre-test verification checks if required by the accreditation authorities e.g. ISO 17025
    • Long-term performance monitoring
  • Comparison of different harmonics and flicker measurement systems 


Frequency Range •  50 Hz to 2 kHz (40th harmonic) direct connection
Output connector •  Captive BS 1363 3-pin UK mains plug, for connection to test equipment
Dimensions •  330 mm × 320 mm × 170 mm
Weight  •  4 kg
Power supply •  230 Vac, 50 Hz, 400 W (maximum)
Indicators •  Thermal shutdown 
Harmonic current •  See Output Measurements tab
Flicker disturbance •  See Output Measurements tab


Standard Kit: 


Part Number


Parts included

HFG01KIT01 Standard HFG01 harmonics and flicker  •  HFG01 harmonic and flicker generator
  generator kit •  CAL12 – measurement of harmonics and
        flicker generated, all modes
      •  US and EU mains plug adapters
     •  Manual


Manufacturer’s calibrations

CAL12    Measurement of harmonic and flicker disturbance generated:
  •  Harmonics
  Measurement of load current made according to EN61000-3-2 in Steady State and
  Fluctuating Harmonics modes. Fundamental (50 Hz) to 40th harmonic
  •  Flicker
  Measurements of short term flicker (Pst) made according to EN61000-3-3 with
  disturbance at 1 Hz and 8.33 Hz rates

Typical output measurement results

Harmonics Disturbance

Flicker Disturbance Rate Pst*
  1.0Hz 0.450
  8.333Hz 1.10
*note that actual Pst measured may depend on measurement equipment used