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Meeting the Requirements of the EMC Directive (2014/30/EC) is an Essential Part of the CE Marking Process

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Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC Directive)

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is essential to ensure that a product does not adversely affect, or be affected by other electronics equipment in the same environment.

Meeting the requirements of the EMC Directive (2014/30/EU) is an essential part of the CE Marking process.

We offer a comprehensive range of EMC Services that enable manufacturers to demonstrate compliance to the latest International and European harmonised standards.

Our Services Encompass

  • Regulatory compliance advice
  • Pre-compliance, compliance and fully accredited testing
  • On-going compliance assessments
  • EMC design evaluation including post-test failure practical advice
  • Design solutions

Testing can be carried out at one of our three test laboratories located near Bristol, Leeds and in Grangemouth which are:

  • Accredited by UKAS to ISO17025
  • FCC listed laboratories for the USA
  • VCCI listed sites for the Japanese market

For the testing of the built environment or large equipment, on-site testing can be performed.

Please refer to our UKAS schedule for details of specific standards we are accredited to and contact us for a full list of standards we can test to.

Common EMC tests include:

  • Emissions
    • Radiated emissions
    • Conducted emissions
    • Harmonic emissions
    • Flicker
  • Immunity
    • Radiated immunity
    • Conducted Radio Frequency (RF) immunity
    • Immunity to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
    • Immunity to Electrical Fast Transients (EFTs) and Bursts (EFBs)
    • Surge immunity
    • Immunity to Voltage Dips and Interruptions (VDIs)
    • Immunity to magnetic fields

The New EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

The New EMC Directive 2014/30/EU came into force on 20th April 2016 with no transition period.

The provisions in the new Directive have an effect not just on Manufacturers but also Authorised Representatives, Importers and Distributors in the EU.

Need to know more?

To ensure that you and your company fully understand the implications of 2014/30/EU you may wish to watch our E-Learning Module "Implications of the New EMC Directive". For details or to watch a preview, click here.

For a more expansive explanation of the EMC Directive and Technical Documentation attend our 1 day Training Course entitled "The EMC Directive Explained". For details and forthcoming dates click here.

To view the new EMC Directive (EMCD) please visit the European Commission's EEI Directives webpage here.New EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

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Testing to the EMC Directive

Testing to the EMC Directive
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Regulatory Compliance Services and Products

Regulatory Compliance Services and Products
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2014/30/EU is the new EMC Directive which came into force on 20th April 2016