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An overview of the EMF Directive and the health and safety requirements for exposure of workers to electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

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The EMF Directive Explained (1 day)

The aim of the course is to provide an overview of the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Directive, which lays down the minimum health and safety requirements for exposure of workers to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

This long-awaited Directive 2013/35/EU, was implemented in the UK on 1st July 2016 and organisations will need to hold evidence of compliance with its legal requirements. The new Directive, sometimes referred to as the ’Physical Agents Directive’ will replace the never in force 2004/40/EC and complements the older recommendation 1999/519/EC.

The Directive is based on exposure limit values and action levels, which are aimed at preventing adverse health effects. It also includes methods and procedures for managing and measuring the human exposure to EMFs in the work place.

*Please note that this course has previously been called EMF Awareness.

Bookings for this course can be made up to 7 days prior to the course start date. For bookings made closer to the start date, please call us for availability.

Upcoming Dates

20th Jun 2017
1 day Workshop
Price: £455.00 + VAT
Location: Grangemouth

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What is it about?

The course provides an overview of the effects of human exposure to EMFs, the ICNIRP guidelines and European legislation.  It also covers standards and processes for managing, measuring and reducing exposures to fields where necessary.
Key subjects covered include:
  • Potential sources of EMFs
  • Health effects of human exposure to EMFs
  • Guidelines and standards providing safe exposure limits
  • European legislation
  • NATO measurements (STANAG 2345)
  • Measurement and management standards and processes


Who should attend?

This course is intended to help decision-makers and health and safety professionals in the manufacturing and service industries to become familiar with the requirements of the Directive.


What will I achieve?

Delegates will achieve:
  • An understanding of the requirements of the European legislation
  • An understanding of the health effects of human exposure to EMFs, and the safe limits incorporated within European legislation.
  • Knowledge methods and procedures for managing and measuring human exposures to EMFs in the workplace.


Key Benefits

  • Understanding the health effects of human exposure to EMFs
  • Learn how to manage and measure human exposure to EMFs in the workplace
  • Understand the requirements of European legislation